Ian Miller

Graduate fellow

Ian is broadly interested in the evolutionary and ecological processes that shape host-pathogen interactions. His aim is to develop theoretical models that incorporate the complexity and heterogeneity found in natural systems, to test the predictions of these models empirically, and to apply his findings to problems related to public health. Big questions that currently interest him include: How does host heterogeneity affect epidemic processes and the evolution of virulence? What are the patterns of variation in the efficacy of the immune system within and between populations? What trade-offs or biotic interactions limit virulence?

Malavika Rajeev

P1015183Graduate fellow

Malavika received a dual BS/MS in Ecology at the University of Georgia in 2013. Her MS thesis focused on examining patterns of seroprevalence of zoonotic diseases in livestock across two ranching systems in Laikipia, Kenya. She is interested in studying the ecology of disease interventions with a focus on determining optimal strategies to control canine rabies in endemic settings.