Contact C. Jessica Metcalf:


Contact the Metcalf Lab administrator, Ms. Sandy Cominski:


You can send a fax to 609-258-7892

Interested in doing a Postdoc with the Metcalf group? 

The Metcalf lab is always interested in finding new students whose interests closely align with our research foci. If you are interested kindly forward your complete CV (please include references) to

Are you keen on completing your PhD in the Metcalf lab? 

We are excited to read your application. However, at Princeton University applications for graduate studies go directly to the Graduate School, rather than to the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Further guidelines and instructions can be found on the EEB website or click here for a link to the application. [] If you are selected for an interview at that time Jessica Metcalf will be happy to discuss more details about the lab’s research program and whether or not this could be a good fit.